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The Model: Sikko Nano Filling Machine is a volumetric liquid filling machine. This machine is to be used in a laboratory or manufacturing facility. The types of liquids typically dispensed with the Model Sikko Nano filler are pesticides solutions, cosmetic products and food additives. The machine is normally manually operated by a person holding a container under the nozzle and pressing the Hand Push switch Reset. However, The Filling Units are fabricated from Steel with fine powder coated color. Depending which Filling Units are used the machine will dispense volumes of free flowing water thin liquids to heavy viscous liquids from 20 ml to 1L.

The filler drive is a motor driven, electronically controlled system. The amount of product dispensed from each Filling Unit can be adjusted by better than + or - 1% to dispense precise fill volumes to the hundredth of a gram. The Filling Unit (pump) and external moving drive components are all enclosed in a polycarbonate safety enclosure on the side of the machine. This area is enclosed as much as the design will allow using a removable safety cover.


No Container - No fill arrangement.

High speed filling capacity.

Filling nozzles are diving type hence no foam formation and spillage of liquid.

All parts in contact are made of stainless steel.

Low noise level.

Lower Power Consumption.

Proper time cut off settings liquid stopping arrangement ensures that the liquid is filled properly in the container.

Volume adjustment can be done easily.

No need of foundation, hence erection and commissioning is done easily.

No lubrication requires.

High accuracy to +/-0.1% of cylinder volume.

Easy cleaning.


Tool free changeover construction.

Programmable product menu.

Operator friendly operation.

Fast changeovers - approximately 5 minutes.

High quality Steel construction with fine powder coating.

Wide fill ranges.

The production counter facilitates estimation of the exact production at the end of the shift/day.

Programmable Logic Control.

Automatic dosage adjustment arrangement through time controls available as option.

Appropriate change parts with syringes are required for different fill volumes and bottle sizes.


Sikko Nano is 1 HEAD machine.

Containers per Minute: 3-50* Nos. (As per volume it vary).

Container Body Dia. More than 100mm.

Container Neck Dia. More than 100mm.

Container Height maximum 300mm.

Fill Size: 20ml to1000ml.

Dimensions of Machine [L x W x H]: 300mm x 450mm x 800mm.

Net Weight [Approx]: 20 Kgs.

Depending upon type of liquid to be filled and container type.

ACCURACY: 1 % of the volume to be filled.


Please retain the original packing material for at least one year. In the event that you need to return the machine to the manufacturer please use this material to ship it in. When not using the Sikko Nano Filling machine please keep it in an environment below 70% humidity, with ambient temperature 0 to 40°C (104°F). Do not drop machine or subject it to vibration. This may damage the drive or the electronic components. Use the lifting handle to carry the machine.
The machine must be positioned on a level surface capable of supporting it without tipping. As explained in the Explosion danger warning note the machine may not be operated in the presence of combustible or flammable liquids or vapors. The machine is not water tight and therefore must not be hosed down or submerged. Do not operate the machine if the inside cabinet is wet or damp enough to cause electrical shock circuit damage.
Before you plug in the Sikko Nano Filler please read all instructions carefully. Then before you plug in the machine for use plug in the Actuator, The power cord is the electrical isolation device for this machine. Always unplug it when performing any maintenance or adjustment to the machine. This will prevent the machine form accidently starting and possible injuring the operator and damaging the machine. When not using the machine turn it off and unplug the power cord. Proper maintenance of the power cord is essential to the safe efficient operation of the machine. Keep the cord free from liquids and other contamination. Keep the electrodes on the plug clean and free from corrosion. If necessary discard the cord if the insulation is torn or cracked or if the electrodes are missing or corroded.


Turn on the power switch and all the devices will start aromatically.

Sikko Nano is fully battery operated machine so no need of plug in any power supply, but battery should be charge first.

Set your time as per your filling volume you want to fill.

Deep intake nozzle in Carboy / vessel where your material is stored.

Take your container and start filling with reset button the Sikko Nano Filler will now operate continuously.

Check volume after every 10-15 containers for proper volume accuracy.

If you see the battery is law than Plug line cord into any properly grounded electrical outlet.

After completing the filling with your material repeat the same procedure with water for cleaning.

Do not energize the filler in the presence of combustible or flammable vapors. Ignition of combustible or flammable vapors can result in fire or explosion and serious personal injury.

Important Instruction & Cautions

Read all instruction manuals thoroughly before operating Equipment.

Eye protection must be worn when operating, servicing, or maintaining this equipment.

Take note of Explosion-Resistant or Non-Explosion Resistant operation of machine and operate accordingly. Do not operate a non-explosion resistant machine in an explosive atmosphere.

Be sure the machine is properly grounded according to the local electrical code.

Remove all temporary parts, tools and adjusting apparatus.

Be sure all those connections, clamps and mounting devices on the Filling Units are secure.


Keep all body parts and clothing clear of rotating volume control.

Keep all Safety Devices in place and operational.

Be sure the area around the Filling Machine is clear of any tools, trash or debris.


Unplug the machine.

Be sure to properly secure any removable or sliding panels.

Don’t use to fill material like Semi-Viscous material, thin oils, conditioner, shampoo, thin syrup, saturated solutions, Agar, hand/body lotion, Heavy Viscosity cream, heavy shampoo, paste detergent & heavy syrup.